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Affordable Real Estate Internet Marketing for Realtors®

It's all about getting leads and improving your productivity!

Take advantage of affordable Internet marketing tools and

services for Realtors - work smarter, not harder!

Increase your earnings with unique online real esate marketing programs!

In a sluggish real estate market, this is a "one-stop site" for real estate professionals on a budget who want not just to survive, but to thrive and increase earnings.  Here you will find affordable, proven real estate Internet marketing solutions and services we have personally tested which generate leads from real estate buyers, sellers and investors and enhance your productivity. 

Today's Bargains:

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Differentiate Yourself from the Competition with Video Email and Newsletters


Want to stand out from the competition? Use award-winning BombBomb video email to enhance interaction with prospective buyers and sellers. Create short videos of yourself presenting how well you represent clients or show the attributes of new listings. You are no longer just a faceless Realtor in a crowd - make it personal! See how your business jumps when prospective clients relate to you as a person and forward your emails to relatives and friends!


BombBomb video email is a great tool for truly connecting with people. Brokers are using it to recruit and retain agents, provide training and support, share important updates, extend event invitations, and more. Agents are using it to convert new leads, keep buyers and sellers up to date throughout the process, say in touch with clients, promote new listings, and reach out to their colleagues.


BombBomb comes with templates, Word-like email creation tools, list management, autoresponder capabilities and email tracking - all the features you need to launch and manage professional email campaigns that get attention. Shoot and send video emails from anywhere with our iPhone and iPad app. Share your videos, emails, and forms directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+; recipients can also share your emails and videos. BombBomb is one powerful marketing tool!


Ready to Go Monthly Real Estate Newsletter

Don't have a lot time to devote each month to creating and managing an email or print newsletter, but want an affordable solution?  Then a Ready to Go newsletter with engaging pre-prepared content may be the perfect answer for you. Just drop in your photo and contact information, then distribute the newsletter using a Vertical Response account.  And you can modify the content to your heart's content. 

Plus, it comes with a guarantee - if your income doesn't increase by at least $10,001 over a year of steady newsletter deliveries, then your costs will be reimbursed. Fast, easy, and effective!  Try it FREE for 30 days.

Save Time and Cut Travel Expenses with Skype


Wouldn't it be nice to place free video calls to your business associates, clients or prospective customers? All you need is a PC with a built-in microphone and video camera, which comes standard with most laptops today. Just download a FREE software package, take a few minutes to set up a free account and "presto," you're in business.

Imagine being able to conference with fellow Realtors, your clients or prospects without ever leaving your office or home! Conduct face-to-face meetings and presentations without fighting traffic. Interview remote prospects without having to get on a airplane. Save on travel expenses. Get more productive work done during business hours. Spend more time with your family.

What service provides this free? Why Skype of course! It is simple, easy and it works.

It's all in the detail. Make High Quality Video calls on Skype – free

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Affordable, Effective Email Newsletters for Realtors

Pacifica Endeavors has partnered with Constant Contact to bring you a terrific email newsletter solution for cash-strapped Realtors.  And not just emailings - they also provide event management and online survey capabilities.  Now, they even offer a free tool that lets you easily manage all your social marketing activities in one place!

I have used it myself and currently manage Constant Contact newsletters for many clients.  This is the most cost-effective email newsletter solution I have found...and the best part is you can try it FREE for 60 days!

If you want assistance in setting up your Constant Contact account and newsletter format, we can provide that too - just go to our Constant Contact Assistance site for more information.


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Is your real

estate or mortgage brokerage ISO certified?  Find a consultant to help you.


Unique Baby Boomer Gifts


Al Kernek, Broker and Internet Marketing expert.

Al Kernek

Marketing Consultant and

Real Estate Broker


My goal is to leverage years

of high-tech marketing

experience to provide the real estate community with affordable Internet 

solutions that can be easily implemented.  Investing in Internet marketing is the most rewarding decision that today's real estate professional

can make!


FREE eBook - "Creating E-Mail Newsletter Content" when you subscribe to our FREE Newsletter,

the "Real Estate Internet Marketing Informer!"


 Al Kernek (Pacifica Endeavors LLC): Real Estate Internet Marketing Consultant in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California on

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Everything a Realtor Needs for Successful Internet Marketing


Self Managed Website

Flash Listing/Buyer Presentation

Client Reports and Tracking

Listings Manager

Moneymaker™ Listing Exchange

Search Engine Marketing Tools

Website Content Manager

Prospect Manager 

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Email Marketing and Follow-Up Systems

Day Planning and Time Management

Calculators and Mortgage Forms

Banners and Affiliate Pages

Support and Website Training

Upgrades and New Content


FREE 10-Day Trial


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Your One-Stop Solution for Social Marketing and a Listing Website...and the Best Part is You can get Started for FREE!


As a Broker Myself, I can Tell You this is a Dynamite Solution!


Every Realtor knows that today you have to fish in many ponds to successfully acquire and market listings. It takes a lot of work...and sometimes a lot of money too. Well, here is a proven solution that is not only very effective, but also reduces your workload. 


The RealBird® Listing Publisher is an easy-to-use and very powerful single property website builder service. Create listing websites with unlimited content, unlimited photos, unlimited design themes. Promote your listings on major classified ads sites

with automatic listing syndication, and - with the RealBird listing widgets - on your website and blogs. A "Quick Share" tool lists all of your listings published via RealBird on a single page and provides you with the utilities for resubmitting them on social networks (e.g., your Facebook business page), Craigslist, Backpage and other destination sites which have thousands of viewers. The Listing Publisher supports the 3Ps of online real estate listing marketing: Promotion, Presentation and Pre-qualification. Learn more...


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For 50-Plus Real Estate Professionals Worried About Retirement


If you are a Baby Boomer real estate professional who is 50 or older, one thought that is probably on your mind is "Will I ever be able to retire?" Especially when the after-effects of the Great Recession are taken into account. The slow real estate market and evasive recovery have likely impacted your personal savings and net worth. Like two-thirds of the Baby Boomers in your age group, the prospect of eventual "retirement" seems to be a fading fantasy.


Yet, thousands of Boomers in your position have managed to carve out a fulfilling retirement. Using innovative strategies, these Boomers have "turned lemons into lemonade" and now enjoy rewarding retirements.

No matter what your financial situation, there are options that will allow you to still retire. With just a few hours of reading, you can expand your thinking about "retirement" and discover viable choices that fit your situation. You can benefit from the experiences of countless Boomers who have been in your shoes and overcame similar obstacles to achieve meaningful retirements.

Learn more about this inexpensive, valuable guide and how it can help you. Buy it Today.

Available in paperback from Amazon or electronic format for downloading to popular eReaders, such as Kindle and Apple devices.

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Want to learn how to do Internet marketing yourself?  Three books written for non-techies.  Beat the NAR price!



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